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Christmas is Coming!

Counting the days until Christmas, at Chrisanthidis SA we are completely prepared to cover our trusted wholesale partners’ needs around the world.

Our mission is to produce & distribute premium, sweet delights in the best quality, taste, packaging and price, with high quality customer care, to create a unique and superior experience for our loyal clients.

It's never too early, to give us your order!

Contact us now at +30 2510 361 371 or at

Our famous and awarded handmade Kourabie, Melomakarona (honey cakes), Cookies, Tsoureki and Vasilopita are ideal Christmas delicacies and a must have for every retailer's shelf!

The perfect Christmas gift for friends and partners!

Our facilities hygiene had always been of paramount importance to us. A principle that we pushed even further now, due to the Covid-19.

In addition, we have recently received one of the top certifications focusing on safety and the quality of processes and products, with annual inspections, IFS FOOD 6.1.

Remember, the sun is always brightest after the darkest storm.