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Where to find the authentic kourabie in Kavala!

During your stay in Kavala, it’s truly worth it, to try the definitive traditional local delicacy, the handmade kourabie Chrisanthidis.


The locals know all about it!

Kourabie cookies, also known as Kavala cookies, almond cookies, butter cookies and greek cookies come in many different flavors and it’s a really nice gift to bring back home with you. Many people prefer the metal box as it can be made into a nice decorative souvenir.

Where to find our kourabie:


Highway Rest Areas (HRA):


We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our stores to try this handmade delicacy and let it carry you in a journey to the traditions of Kavala.


Important Note: Keep an eye out for our Chrisanthidis kourabie in other, handpicked, stores throughout Greece, around the world (Duty Free, TK Maxx, etc.) and online (Amazon UK, etc.). For more information you can contact us directly through our website or at