Vikelidis - Chrisanthidis S.A

We Got Published… Again!

For yet another year, the issue of the German newspaper, Lebensmittel Zeitung, about the Greek export products, features our company via its CEO, Ms. Avgi Chrisanthidou.

The featured article begins with a brief mention to the range of Chrisanthidis handmade products, (traditional kourabie, melomakarona, tsoureki), someone can easily find in various regions and stores in Germany, while also talking about our new and promising line of healthy cookies.

The piece focuses on our company’s continuous investment in innovation based on food trends around the world.

Finally, the article talks about how COVID-19 has affected our company’s exporting capacity and how new opportunities are born in times of crisis.

It is an honor, for our company, to be acknowledged and featured in important and prestigious media outlets around the world but also, it’s yet another reason to press on doing what we do best, with same love and… the same meraki we had from the beginning!

You can read the whole article here.