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Stelios Parliaros is discovering with us the rich history of kourabie.

While researching the history of kourabie cookies, Stelios Parliaros, found his way to Kavala, the city where this famous cookie is appreciated all year round. Here, among the many sweet and salty delicacies of Bakehouse by Chrisanthidis, he discovered the delicious traditional handmade kourabie cookies of N. Karvali made with whole almonds! With the pink metal packaging in his suitcase, he visited our factory in Karvali and, while following the production process, unfolded with us the story of the most famous treat of Kavala.

In Karvali, he is welcomed by Mrs. Avgi Chrisanthidis, managing director of the company and together they engage in a vigorous discussion about the history of the kourabie cookies.

"The dough of the kourabie was prepared in a workshop by the highway linking Karvali with Kavala. Back then this road also linked Asia with Europe. As the dough was baked, the beautiful smells, made thousands of cars and buses to stop here in order to get kourabie cookies. So, in time, the kourabie of N. Karvali became a tradition".

Stelios Parliaros followed the production process accompanied by our company’s quality control manager, Mr. Tasos Krystallis, and witnessed firsthand, the experience and speed of the female hands that for so many years now lovingly transform this crisp little crescent of dough into a tasty blast of thousands of small and tender memories.

We are very grateful to our friend Stelios Parliaros and the team of the TV show "Sweet Alchemy's Travel" for their visit. It is always our pleasure and honor to help promote the traditional products of our country.

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