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Our Kourabie is at REWE!

"Pastry with a History: What makes the kourabie, a special pleasure."

Our kourabie can be found on the shelves of the well-known German supermarket chain REWE.

Below you can read a summary of REWE's article about the handmade, traditional Chrisanthidis kourabie.

The article begins with a reference to the way the kourabie is made, emphasizing that they are handmade. Next, it mentions the rich aroma of the roasted almonds and what a wonderful combination they create with the powdered sugar topping.

The history and the traditional methods used in the creation of the kourabie, create additional added value to the product, according to REWE, and make them an ideal product to be on their store shelves.

The article continues with a reference to the mythological elements that exist in our kourabie and focuses on how our company, despite its continuous growth, manages to keep its traditional core product unchanged: the handmade Chrisanthidis almond kourabie cookies, will leave even the most demanding, completely satisfied.