Vikelidis - Chrisanthidis S.A


Kapnergatis Square (8, Averof Str.)

Bakehouse by Chrisanthidis is located at Kapnergatis Square, Kavala. If you are looking for healthy, vegan, local and traditional delicacies, this is the place.

  • vegan choices
  • birthday cakes
  • pastries
  • ice cream and ice cream roll
  • snacks for breakfast
  • light choices for lunch
  • many different types of bread
  • juices

You will also find

  • kavala kourabie (butter cookies)
  • tsoureki
  • healthy cookies
  • melomakarona
  • handmade pies

and more seasonal food choices.

The idea of "Bakehouse by Chrisanthidis" was born out of our desire to evolve.

But evolve through our roots! Respecting our history, we opened our newest store! In the heart of Kavala, in Kapnergatis square, you can find delicious, nutritious, traditional and modern snacks and meals, for every time of the day!

Marrying the old with the new, we follow all the new trends in the arts of pastry and bakery, but we do so with a little traditional, more personal twist!

Tel: 0030 251 110 4159 | Facebook | Instagram