Vikelidis - Chrisanthidis S.A


Also including a Shell gas station, this rest area is located on the 34th km. of the Kavala-Thessaloniki road, at highway exit to Moustheni. The rest area is open 24/7 to fully meet the needs of modern-day travelers or professional drivers.

Travelers can make a stop and get some rest in a comfortable, friendly environment, enjoy their favorite coffee, delicious homemade food, fresh bread, soups and traditional pastries, under the flagship of our famous kourabie!

Professional bus and truck drivers can fill their gas tanks and wash their vehicles. The rest area also features hygiene facilities that are kept clean at all times, including shower facilities.

To accommodate Camper Van owners, we offer a specially developed camper stop area, where campers can stop and easily throw away waste or change/get water.

In the Rest Area, you will find:

  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Pastry shop
  • Traditional products
  • Mini Market
  • Parking
  • Disabled facilities
  • Gas station
  • Camper stop
  • Car, bus and truck wash
  • Wi-Fi σpot


Phone: 25920 21555
Fax: 25920 21555