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Carob cookies: A "superfood" with no sugar

The carob cookies are an extremely healthy choice as they gather the benefits of the carob, the black Corinthian P.D.O. raisin and sesame. Carob is a "superfood" as it is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, while it contains almost no fat. It is rich in natural fiber, vitamin A, vitamins of the B complex, and a plethora of trace elements. Studies have shown that food enrichment with the insoluble carob fiber helps lower cholesterol and at the same time improves bowel function.

On the other hand, the black Corinthian P.D.O. raisin, in addition to the wonderful taste it gives to these cookies, has many beneficial properties for the human body. The main ones are the reduction of fluid retention, due to the content of potassium and magnesium, the antioxidant properties that are mainly due to vitamin C, and the enhancement of the proper functioning of the intestine, thanks to the natural fiber it contains in large quantities.

Finally, natural sesame oils have been shown to help lower blood pressure and prevent many cardiovascular diseases. In addition, certain nutrients contained in sesame seeds, such as zinc, calcium, and phosphorus, promote bone health and repair after injury.

It is also noteworthy that carob cookies are not high in calories with sugar or any other sweetener, apart from honey and carob honey. Carob honey, in addition to the characteristic aroma it gives, is rich in calcium, as the amount it contains is three times that of cow's milk.

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Despina (Debbie) A. Mavridou is a dietitian-nutritionist (B.Sc.) and owner of Eat with D community, based in Kavala.